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Please let us introduce our organization, “Iai Dou” and “Battou Jutsu”.

Shoshi-Kai is the organization that trains “Shinmei Musou Hayashizaki-ryu Battou Jutsu” and “Enryu Nagamaki Jutsu”. In Shoshi-kai, we learn the history, structure and the capability / function of the Japanese sword, and we study how to use the Japanese sword exerting its full capability. We also learn Japanese tradition, spirit through “Iai Dou”and “Battou Jutsu”.

Iai dou & Battou dou
Nowadays, “Battou Jutsu” and “Iai Dou” are considered almost the same. However, historically, the word, “Battou-jutsu”, had been used before the word , “Iai”, began to be used around the middle of Edo era.

In recent years, “Battou Jutsu” is mainly used for the training of (test-)cutting with the real Japanese swords , on the other hand “Iai” is used for the training of “KATA”, practicing the solitary forms of the movement. But, we believe “Battou-jutsu” and “Iai” approach are based on the same essence of the “Bushido”, the spirit of Samurai. 
So, through both “Battou Jutsu” and “Iai Dou”, we learn how we find the chances to survive and finally win without fighting.

What is “Shoushi-kai”
In Shoshi-Kai, we train both mentally and physically through learning “Iai Dou” and “Battou Jutsu”.
90% of the students are the beginners who have never experienced “Iai” as well as other martial arts. Therefore, we practice in the small group (2 to 4 people per group) for each lesson. In each lesson, we teach carefully based on the student’s level, so even the beginners can start training of “Iai Dou” and “Battou-Jutsu” at ease.

To master how to use the Japanese sword, we believe it is very important to experience and train test-cutting with the real Japanese swords. So, we think , training only “Kata” is not enough to understand the “mission” of the Japanese sword(katana). This is because we train the techniques of not only “Kata” but also Kiri(test-cutting) in our lesson.
Of course, ”Kata” is also very important for us. Because “Kata” teaches us the “rationality” of the movement, the “preparedness” for using the Japanese sword and the “rules and styles” which have been inherited since Sengoku era. Learning these and leaving these to posterity are our mission.

We hope many people will realize the wonderfulness, the great value and the interestingness of “Iai Dou” and “Battou Jutsu” with us.

About “Shinmei Musou Hayashizaki ryu”
The name Hayashizaki came from the Samurai, Jinsuke Hayashizaki.

He learned “Ken-jutsu” to avenge in the end of Sengoku era (around 1550-1570) and finally mastered and created “Battou Jutsu”. After avenging, he visited many places all over the country and taught his techniques of “Battou-jutsu” to a lot of Samurai. Since then, the people recognized he was one of the “Battou-jutsu” founders.